Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shoulder pain?

I've eaten oatmeal twice now and both times I've had searing (maybe not quite searing) pain at the tippy top of my left shoulder. Gas I'm assuming? So weird though. It really hurts so I think I'll hold off on more oatmeal for a while.


  1. I do cream of wheat and add a little splenda and nonfat dry milk powder to it for extra protein. I had no gas pains after surgery, so I'm no help there. I do know if I eat to fast (hello, it is purees...it is hard to take those slow :) I get a heartburn type pain.

    I saw your post asking what I eat at the puree stage and I will post it here to make sure you see it. :) It is about 1000 calories a day. 111 grams protein
    I eat every few hours

    I'm just finishing up purees (which have been heaven compared to liquids). :) I eat about every three hours.

    Breakfast: Cream of Wheat with Skim Milk (6 oz)

    Snack: Protein Shake (Sugar Free Carnation Instant breakfast with Non Fat Dry Powdered Milk for Extra Protein)

    Lunch: Tuna Salad (part of a hardboiled egg, lite mayo & mustard, cottage cheese) about 6 oz. total

    Snack: Yogurt

    Dinner: Ground Beef (smaller than a pea) with lowfat sour cream, shredded lite mozarella cheese and cottage cheese - about 6 oz.

    Snack: Sugar free pudding

  2. I still get an ache in my upper left shoulder sometimes after I eat. I think it is referred pain from the tiny pouch above the band getting stretched. I've had it since I was banded. It should go away about an hour or two after eating.

  3. I agree with Sandy Lee. I get this too although not as much now as several months ago.

  4. Welcome to bandland! I can't help you here, I was fortunate enough not to experience any shoulder pains. It does seem extremely common, though. I hope it feels better soon! <3