Friday, June 25, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Today I'm wearing....

* Pants that I couldn't wear two weeks ago

* A shirt that I couldn't wear two weeks ago

* Heels - ok, so they're wedges but still!

And per my scale - I'm officially down 22 lbs woo woo!! I'd like to get to 25 down before my first fill on July 14. Hunger is starting to rear its ugly head but it's manageable.

I took the dog for a walk last night which she loved and I didn't die.

Good news all of the way around!

Oh - I did have a moment of old behavior that I didn't feel good about. I was fired up about something my husband did that involved my parents. I had planned on picking up soup from Houlihans for dinner anyway.

Well, I ate that soup in about 5 minutes I think. Totally old school Susan - ticked off about something and use food to cope.

Afterwards, I worried that I might have messed up the band but it was soup so I don't think I could have done much. I was more upset about falling into old habits. But, it was a bowl of soup. And, I recognized the behavior so hopefully I'll be less likely to repeat it.

I really noticed how the stress in my body just evaporated after eating. It was pretty bizarre to recognize such a physical reaction. Maybe next time I'll try taking the dog for a walk again :)

I'm going to try to post some pictures this weekend. I love seeing everyone else's so I need to get some out there too.

Happy Friday!!


  1. Well I am here to remind you that messing up would have been eating a pound of chocolate or a bottle of wine. A bowl of soup is so acceptable even this close to surgery. You'll be fine. At least you recognized that you ate to dull the anxiety. It took me months to realize bingeing was linked to how I felt. I would say that you actually had an NSV. Go soup!

  2. Would love to see some pictures. I wanted to thank you for your review of 500 Days of Summer. We did end up watching it and agreed with your assessment.

  3. It is only going to get better!! As for "bad" behavior. Let it go. We cannot change lifetime habits in one night. The band won't cure any of that for us. We will always struggle with using food for something. But, we will come ahead. I agree with Sandy that if you ate an entire cake and drank yourself silly then maybe we should talk. You are doing awesome!

  4. Hi Susan! I just realized I wasn't following you. I loved reading your lead up to the band and your progress so far. You are doing AMAZING! Congrats on that wonderful feeling of fitting into old clothes!

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