Monday, June 14, 2010

Protein Shake Challenge....ugh.

My real "three day pre-op" diet started yesterday. It was my daughter's fourth birthday party but I abstained from everything yummy in favor of the watery, brown, overly sweet water as told. Ok, I had two small bites of my Mom's potato salad, but that was it.

In my quest to find a decent "shake", I tried Muscle Milk light (pre-made) and Atkins Advantage (pre-made). Both of these, along with the Slim Fast pre-made and mix, are all about the same in my book. Overly sweet, weird taste, I can get it down but yucky.

This morning, I'm enjoying a decaf, nonfat latte and had an Optifast shake. Interestingly enough, I think the Optifast is my favorite. It's not as super sweet and mixes well in my new blender bottle. I have quite a supply of about every shake on the market that I need to get through. After that, I'm going to see if I can procure some Optifast. Is there a black market for protein :)?

Speaking of shakes - I was reading on Lap Band Talk and it seems there is a bit of a debate about the role of protein shakes and ongoing weight loss. Some doctors encouraged them while some told their patients not to drink their protein. Also, people were talking a lot about "hard protein or solid protein". I'm assuming that that is meat, cheese, eggs other? Someone said their doctor advised them not to eat beans while in the weight loss stage?

One final question - does a protein bar count for a protein shake? I also caved yesterday and had an Atkins protein bar because I just couldn't have another shake. Need to call my surgeon's office today to find out if that is ok.

T minus 2 days.


  1. I had two weeks of pre-op and had two protein bars to replace the shake (Optifast). Needed the chew. My pre-op was supposed to be pure shakes and low carb veges. But I ended up losing 15 pounds and getting off the sugar. Others are able to eat just low carb. I wouldn't worry too much. Now that I am 4 months post-op I think I have only had a couple of shakes. They go right through the band and I am hungry in about 2 hours. I try to have solids as my protein but usually need a sauce to make it slide down easier. ie chicken salad, fish with sauce. I realized yesterday that I have not had steak in all that time. I will eat meatballs, ground chicken and ground beef. Hope this helps.

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