Monday, July 26, 2010

30 Down!

Woo Hoo - officially at the 30 lbs down mark. I'm not sure if I've ever hit that before. I usually stall out at 20 down. I continue to be surprised at how I can eat so much less than before but still the scale can bounce and bounce and bounce. But, it said 268.4 this morning and I'm going to take it!!

It's also awesome to see the "60" (I'm going to gloss over the 2 in front of it for now). So much closer to a tolerable number and further and further away from the dreaded 3.

I pretty much have no restriction and I am working hard to continue to see the scale go down. I don't have another fill until Aug. 25. My doctor is going on vacation and his office said he's double and triple booked. I can call today to see if there is a cancellation so I'll try that.

I've really been aware that nightime is not the "righttime" for me and healthy eating. Or, it can be healthy but the volume is just too much. Once I get started, it's tough not to keep snacking. So, I'm trying to not eat anything after 7 p.m. I've done this for 2 nights - yeah! Last night I was really hungry by the time I fell asleep but I held fast.

For now, I'll enjoy being able to drink my water fairly quickly and not freak out about eating in public. I'm heading to California for work and will have to eat in front of people for the next three days. I'm a little worried but I'll just take it slow. People in California don't eat anyway right?

It feels really good to be in a new decade and I can't wait to hit the next one!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Scale worked this morning - yeah! Dependent much?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stupid scale broke! Now what?!?!?!?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Fill

I had my first fill this morning and it went just fine. He felt around for the port (weird!) and it sort of felt like when you get a tetanus shot or get blood drawn. I was surprised when I checked afterwards that it bled a little.

I didn't ask how much saline he put in. I sort of don't want to know so I don't obsess about how much or how little restriction I'm "supposed" to have. My next appointment is in 6 weeks which sort of seems like a long time but again - trying not to obsess prematurely. Plenty of time for that later.

When I drank my cup of water, I could tell I couldn't drink nearly as fast as I have been. I'm still working on my latte that I got on the way into work and it's going down easier. Liquids today, mushies tomorrow, normal(ish) on Friday.

He seemed happy with my weight loss so far and encouraged me to start exercising so it looks like our dog Gigi has more walks in her future. I'm going to try - anything is better than nothing! I wish it wasn't a million degrees outside but frankly, there will always be something that I can blame for not wanting to exercise.

I'm hoping I can lose at least 12 pounds between now and my next appointment (34 total - 265). That would be 2 a week. My stretch hope would be 20 (42 total - 257) which would be super. Downward movement of any kind is welcome!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Steady as She Goes

I told my therapist the other day that I felt like I did when I was first pregnant. See, when I was first pregnant, I felt pretty normal for the first month or so. No nausea, no weight gain (actually lost probably), nada. I felt like I should have a neon sign on my forehead or something but everything appeared to be status quo.

Everything had changed but in many ways, nothing had changed.

I sort of feel the same with the band. In so many ways, everything has changed.....

* I already feel better physically - not awesome but better.

* I feel so much better emotionally - I know I'm going to stay on the wagon.

* While I still haven't seen the 22 lbs down number that was there (I swear) before I transitioned to soft food, I have stayed consistently down 17 pounds. Old Susan would have fallen off the wagon by now, gotten back on a bit and would now be heading towards regaining those 17 pounds plus.

* I'm not perfect, but I'm making pretty good choices. Eggs are my friends. I have eaten Tuna multiple times for God's sake and that is truly a miracle.

And, when you start to feel better, you know when you're feeling crummy that there is probably something going on. I was extra hungry this week (or rather just wanted to snack) and I looked at the calendar and realized that I should start my period - and I did. So, I blame the starbursts and oatmeal cookies on that but again, could have been a whole lot worse!

* I only have 5 days until my first fill! Trying not to jump the gun and think ahead to my next fill after that :). I'm a little freaked about it possibly taking a while to feel restriction so I'm hopeful that I'll get there pretty soon. The nurse said my doctor is pretty aggressive about fills. How soon after your "first" did you get your "second" and "third" ...?

So, everything really has changed and more and more, the "nothing" is turning into "somethings". The biggest thing - hope has returned and that is worthy of the happy dance right there.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Honeymoon's Over?

I'm hungry. Again. Eleven days until my first fill - yeah!

Now, me saying I'm hungry is relative because I think I'm still getting much fuller much more quickly than before the band. I'm just eating more than I was in the days after surgery - which is understandable.

Last night wasn't great. It was a combination of just wanting to eat in the evening and I was actually hungry and having a hard time getting full. In my quest for validation (and/or a cyber slap on the hand), I was reading on Lapband Talk. It sounds like during this in-between time, I should do my best but eat until I am full so I can heal? Is that just rationalizing at its finest or actual truth?

I've got a call into our program's dietitian to check on a few things and I'll talk to her about this.

I think I'm doing pretty well but the scale just keeps bouncing. I haven't seen the 277 low again and have been stuck in the low 280s. I'm blaming this on my body adjusting because heaven knows I'm eating way less than I was before.

And - I had tuna salad for lunch and actually liked it! Salmon patties tonight for dinner. Hummus and deviled eggs for the bbqs this weekend. See - I'm hungry.

Happy 4th everyone!