Thursday, July 8, 2010

Steady as She Goes

I told my therapist the other day that I felt like I did when I was first pregnant. See, when I was first pregnant, I felt pretty normal for the first month or so. No nausea, no weight gain (actually lost probably), nada. I felt like I should have a neon sign on my forehead or something but everything appeared to be status quo.

Everything had changed but in many ways, nothing had changed.

I sort of feel the same with the band. In so many ways, everything has changed.....

* I already feel better physically - not awesome but better.

* I feel so much better emotionally - I know I'm going to stay on the wagon.

* While I still haven't seen the 22 lbs down number that was there (I swear) before I transitioned to soft food, I have stayed consistently down 17 pounds. Old Susan would have fallen off the wagon by now, gotten back on a bit and would now be heading towards regaining those 17 pounds plus.

* I'm not perfect, but I'm making pretty good choices. Eggs are my friends. I have eaten Tuna multiple times for God's sake and that is truly a miracle.

And, when you start to feel better, you know when you're feeling crummy that there is probably something going on. I was extra hungry this week (or rather just wanted to snack) and I looked at the calendar and realized that I should start my period - and I did. So, I blame the starbursts and oatmeal cookies on that but again, could have been a whole lot worse!

* I only have 5 days until my first fill! Trying not to jump the gun and think ahead to my next fill after that :). I'm a little freaked about it possibly taking a while to feel restriction so I'm hopeful that I'll get there pretty soon. The nurse said my doctor is pretty aggressive about fills. How soon after your "first" did you get your "second" and "third" ...?

So, everything really has changed and more and more, the "nothing" is turning into "somethings". The biggest thing - hope has returned and that is worthy of the happy dance right there.


  1. I had my 1st fill at 4 weeks, 5 cc. It did not do much for me. the 2nd fill was 3 weeks later June 28th 1.5 cc. I did not think it helped but the last few days I have felt some restriction. next fill July 14th.
    i do wish it was faster I will be 9 week post op at my 3rd fill. The good part is I have lost 24 lbs. Hang inthere it is slow but it dose work.

  2. I got my 1st fill 6 weeks post-op. He gave me 2cc's at that point (and doesn't prime the band during surgery). My 2nd was about a month after and I got .5cc's. My 3rd is next week and I hope to all that is holy and good that he gives me a decent fill. I've been super hungry!

  3. I just got my first fill yesterday and I know it is way too soon to tell...but I feel pleasantly stuffed. Yesterday, was liquids and today I'm sticking to that. My daughter made chocolate chip cookies. I ate one and it went down, but you would have thought I ate a four course dinner I was so full. My 5 cc fill really has made a difference for me.

    I was getting hungry about week 4 after banding. I made up tuna salad, with hb eggs, etc. to eat during lunch with a bit of cottage cheese. For dinner, I made up ground beef with low fat sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese sprinkles. Hang in there, the fill is around the corner. :) You are doing great!

  4. I had my first fill at 6.5 wks and 2nd 4 weeks later. And that was all it took for me to reach my sweet spot! I may get another tweek sometime in the future, but for now I wouldn't change a thing!

    You are doing great! Blogland is the perfect place to talk about all the changes and issues that are invisible to the rest of the world.

  5. You are doing so great. Sorry I can't give you advice on the fill. I'll be interested in hearing about your experience.

  6. I had my surgery on June 8th and am scheduled for my first fill on July 29th. Looks like we're on a similar schedule--I was @ 21# down until transitioning off of liquids. Now, I'm hovering around 19# and I am HUNGRY!

    Here's hoping the first fill helps for both of us. Hang in there!--I'm right behind you!