Friday, August 27, 2010

Post Fill Report

Wow - definitely much tighter. A day of liquids, then a day of mushies. Back to regular food today. I was hungry and got the eggs from the bakery across the street. It's sort of like a crustless quiche but very creamy. I do think I'm always tighter in the morning but much more so today. A few more bites and I'm going to put it away until lunch time and have coffee. I have been having a latte in the morning and that works well.

On the good news front - 4.2 pounds down since my fill. Nothing like a few days of minimal eating to get things going. I really cannot believe that I'm pushing 45 lbs down. That means the next benchmark would be 50! And then 60! And then, and then and then!

And in other good news, my DD started preschool this week. I can't believe she's so grown up already - total cliche but true. As I walked in with her this morning, holding her hand, I looked down at her with her butterfly backpack on and carrying her Iron Man lunchbag (selected by her - the girl likes her super heros!) and just couldn't believe we are already here. She had a good first day yesterday and hopefully a good second day today!

Oh - and I'm walking in a triathlon tomorrow. Just the walk/run part of it but still, I'm getting up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to actually move. Nuts!

And finally - my BMI is under 40 - 38.7!


  1. YEAH on the BMI hurdle! Great job! I am really tight in the mornings now. I have went back to coffee and a protein shake. If I do that, I don't have any more problems during the day.

  2. Great job with the bmi. I'm also hoping to be under 40 soon. I felt a little restriction after my first fill, but now 2 weeks out not so much. I'm going to call my surgeon to see if I can get in sooner.