Friday, April 16, 2010

So close!

It's really hard not to be incredibly impatient. I've been reading a lot of lap band blogs since I began researching the procedure last fall. They are so encouraging. I have to say I am incredibly jealous when I see before/after/even in between pictures. I am ready to go!!

Dumb 6 month diet. Seriously? If insurance will pay for things, I will comply but I do not get the rationale. What... I will suddenly get this figured out by doing the same things that have not worked for the past 20 years? It's like when my Mom says something like "You just need to ..... insert whatever here (give up cheese, walk, etc.). I am really really really ready to go.

Part of why I am ready to go is I am so uncomfortable and unhappy with where I'm at now. I'm have tempted to start a pre-op liquid diet on my own but I'm worried I would peak too soon and want to cheat too close to the actual procedure.

My appointment with my surgeon is April 28 and I'm really hoping that I get definite steps that will lead me to surgery. The official end of my 6 month diet is May 7. Surgery sometime towards the end of May (with starting my pre-op diet the beginning of May) would be great. I'm feel like I'm getting so much closer to my own "after" but there are days when I feel like I'm literally inching along. I'm ready to go!

(Have I mentioned I'm ready to go?)

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