Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is blogging for me?

My fingers are posed over the keyboard. It's quite daunting to think that you're writing something that absolutely no one might read. I've decided to start a blog for me, to document my (please God) last attempt at getting my weight under control and leading a healthy life. My name is Susan and I've been on a diet since I was 13 years old. I've thought I was at least chubby since I was roughly 6 years old. Turns out, it took me until I was about 35 until I got to be really, really fat. What I wouldn't give to be chubby again. In fact, that's the goal. I hope to become someone with an overweight BMI (how exotic), a healthy blood pressure/cholesterol level who can actually walk up and down stairs, get out of a chair without firmly planting both feet on the floor and maybe oh maybe, buy clothes at a regular store. I'm the stereotypical yo-yo dieter. I can loose 20 pounds without much of a problem. That was handy when my weight used to fluctuate by about 20 pounds. Since my early thirties, it kept increasing and increasing and now, I weigh 300 pounds. Almost on the nose. 300 pounds. 300 pounds. I am over double what my driver's license says. I barely got the airplane seatbelt to connect on my last trip. I walked 6 blocks yesterday and thought my legs were going to give out. This is me, today. God willing, a year from now... I'll feel and look like a different person, like the person that is/has always been in my mind. A person who doesn't have a weight problem but rather has a program for managing my weight and leading a healthy, long life. I'll spend my precious time living the life I want to the fullest. And being here for the long term for me, my husband and my daughter. This is going to work.

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