Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did you change your hair?

If I had a nickel for everyone that has asked me over the last few months...

"Did you get your hair cut? It looks nice".

No dumba**. I've lost 62 lbs. Hair's the same.

Had my appointment with Dr. Minkin this morning and he was really happy with my progress. Said all of his patients were doing great today. Talked to him about fullness/too full/too little? He said to stay at my current level and work on small bites and chewing well. I've lost 22 lbs since I saw him on Aug. 25. Next appointment is Dec. 29. Maybe I could be at 215? 220s probably more realistic and that would be about what I was when I got married. Yippee!!


  1. I always get, "Wow! That dress is so flattering!" I've worn it before, just 60 pounds ago!

  2. I get this all the time too! So funny! People are always asking me when I got my hair cut, or if I am wearing my makeup different! :) I just smile and so ..... no!!!!

  3. I just did a post about how people aren't noticing my weight loss. I totally get your frustration, but you are doing awesome with your weight loss.