Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good Numbers!

Biometric testing at work today.

While my weight is still up about 15 pounds from my low, I've been holding steady at that number for a few months now. Bad news - still up. Good news - not going higher.

Additional good news - all numbers at the testing are super-duper. Now, I was someone who at 100+ pounds overweight was still considered "fairly healthy" but things were starting to creep up - blood pressure, glucose reading, cholesterol.

Now - I'm good.

35 inch waist which puts my height/waist ratio at the tippy top of the healthy range (I think) for my height.

Overall cholesterol is awesome at 183. Overall ratio is a little out of whack since my "good" cholesterol is too low and my bad cholesterol is too high. Bad cholesterol may be affected by high protein diet. Exercise should help.

Blood pressure good at 112/80.

I'm still bummed my size 14 dress pants aren't fitting yet but I'm confident they will - once I get my bum in gear.

Super happy with the other numbers though! And, total NSV in that the nurse sort of gushed that I looked great. Yay me.

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