Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inching closer

I had a fantastic girl's trip to Texas this past weekend with two of my best girlfriends. So fun! And such an easier packing/dressing/stressing experience being 98 pounds down.

That's right - 98 pounds. So close to one of the biggest milestones of them all.

I did a modified three-day liquid diet last week to try to close the deal but didn't make it. That's ok.

My band was super tight while I was in Texas which was kind of a pain. I was thinking it was from flying but I haven't ever had flying problems in the past. It finally dawned on me as I was leaving that I was pre-menstrual. Being much tighter for roughly the week before my period is pretty common.

So, I'm kind of being lazy eating-wise for a bit and then I'm going to try to do the modified liquid thing and at least get down past 100 pounds down. This will also get me into "onederland".

It was so weird when I was packing. We expected Texas to be super hot. I actually checked my packing list twice because it seemed like there was so little clothing in my suitcase. Before, any trip would have been hard to pack for, let alone a trip to someplace hot. It's so much easier weighing 98 pounds less. Finding clothes, buying clothes, wearing clothes, moving, being.

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